Is the London Pass worth it?

We believe that the London Pass is a good choice for many visitors. There are many attractions to choose from, which are very expensive.

The London Pass is flexible, offers a validity of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 10 days and can be loaded directly onto the mobile phone.

Nevertheless, there are also a few disadvantages. For example, you have to take care of some reservations yourself and you don't have priority entry in high season, so you have to put up with waiting times. This results in our following rating:

The London Pass

London Pass
Quality and number of attractions
Flexible validity
Easy to use on the phone
Reservation of time slots required
Value for money


We think the London Pass is worth the money as most of the sights in London are very expensive. With the London Pass you can save money.


Tip: The longer the London Pass is valid, the better the value for money. Most customers choose a London Pass with a validity of three or four days.

Is the London Pass financially worthwhile?

An important question is whether the London Pass is financially worthwhile. To answer this question, we compare the price of the London Pass with the cost of the main attractions.

The following table contains the purchase price for the London Pass for persons aged 16 and over and for children aged between 5 and 15:

Validity period

London Pass Price

from 16 years

London Pass Price

5 - 15 years

1 day



2 days



3 days



4 days



5 days



6 days



7 days



10 days



It quickly becomes clear that although the London Pass is quite expensive for one day, there is only a small charge for each additional day. This improves the price-performance ratio for longer use over several days. The London Pass for ten days in particular is well worth the money. The price per day is very favourable.

Assuming you are staying in London for four days, the London Pass will cost £209, although it is often offered for less. You can also use our discount code: LONDONCP05LP

From our point of view, you can visit between eight and twelve attractions during this time. The following ten attractions together are significantly more expensive than the London Pass:


Price without London Pass

The Shard

£28.00 - £37.00

Tower of London incl. guided tour


London Eye

£33.00 - £45.00

St Paul's Cathedral


Westminster Abbey


Madame Tussauds

£37.00 - £45.00

Windsor Castle


Wembley Stadium


1 day hop-on/hop-off bus*


Top Sights Walking Tour



£323.80 - £352.80

For whom is the pass worthwhile?

In our view, the London Pass is worthwhile if:

  • ... you spend several days in London.
  • ... you would like to visit at least two attractions every day.
  • ... you would like to use particularly expensive services (e.g. hop-on/hop-off bus, Westminster Abbey, walking tour, The Shard, Tower of London, London Eye, Madame Tussauds).
  • ... you want to watch your wallet and save some money while travelling to London.
  • ... you don't want to buy individual tickets. The London Pass is very convenient.

Detailed information on the London Pass can be found here:

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