3 days in London with a London City Pass

London is one of the greatest cities in the world and is almost impossible to grasp in one day. To really enjoy the many wonders of the city, you should spend at least three days in London. But even in four or five days you can still discover a lot of new things.

The city offers an incredible variety of cultural and historical attractions. Museums and galleries such as the British Museum, the National Gallery and the Tate Modern offer many opportunities to learn more about the city's past. Famous landmarks such as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace give an insight into England's rich history.

The following is a three-day itinerary for a visit to London. The sights have been selected to make the most of your London City Pass.

First day: Hop-on/Hop-off + Westminster Abbey + Walking Tour

London Big Bus
© Big Bus Tours

Start your journey of discovery with a city tour on a hop-on/hop-off bus to get a first overview. There are several bus companies whose buses travel through London every day. With most operators you can change between two lines to explore different parts of the city.

A hop-on/hop-off tour is possible with all London Passes: With the London Pass and the London Explorer Pass you can use Big Bus or Golden Tours buses for one day each. London Turbopass also offers a one-day city tour with Big Bus.

These bus tours are quite expensive. That's why a London City Pass quickly pays for itself on a city tour.

Get off at Westminster Abbey, the church that has seen many coronations, weddings and funerals in its long history. With the London Pass and London Explorer Pass you can visit the church for free.

Near Westminster Abbey starts the "Palaces & Parliament Walking Tour", which you can join for free with the London Pass. The tour takes place three times a day.

Second day: Tower of London + Tower Bridge + The Shard

Tower of London
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Start your second day in London at one of the city's most famous landmarks: the Tower of London. Visit the Crown Jewels and join a guided Beefeater tour. Entry is free for you with the London Pass, the London Explorer Pass and the London Turbopass.

Then go to London Tower Bridge, which is just a few metres from the Tower of London. With the London Pass you can visit the Tower Bridge Exhibition free of charge. To do so, climb the North Tower and walk across the glass floor. From the top you can watch the vehicles and passers-by below. The tour ends in the engine room.

With the Explorer Pass you can also visit the Tower Bridge Exhibition for free, but it's not worth it, because with the Explorer Pass you should only visit expensive attractions.

On the other side of the Thames, it's not far to the Shard, the impressive glass tower that rises up to 309 metres. A visit to the viewing platform is included in several London Passes: London Pass and London Explorer Pass. However, please note that you need to make an appointment in advance for the visit.

Day Three: Buckingham Palace + Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace in London
© Nicholas Musilli / Unsplash.com

The third day in London starts at Trafalgar Square, a central square in the heart of London. From here you can walk to Buckingham Palace if you don't mind a longer walk. There you will find the Queen's Gallery, which you can visit for free with the London Pass.

Then head to Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner. With the London Pass you can climb the Arc de Triomphe for free and enjoy the view. Walk through beautiful Hyde Park to Kensington Palace. Admission is free with the London Pass, the Explorer Pass and the Turbopass.

If you are still motivated afterwards, you can visit the nearby Royal Albert Hall as part of a guided tour. This is also included free of charge with the London Pass and Explorer Pass.

This is just a suggestion of what a three-day trip to London might look like. Of course, you can put together your own plan and visit the many sights, which are free with a London City Pass. If you want to visit a lot, you should buy the London Pass. If you only want to visit a few sights, the London Explorer Pass might be a better choice.

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